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File Format Links
GXL - an XML-based graph exchange format developed for software re-engineering.

GML - a widely used graph exchange format (non-XML).

XGMML - an XML-based file format for graphs based on GML.

SVG - an XML-based graphics format.

Graph Drawing Links
graphdrawing.org - home of graph drawing

GD 2010 - 18th Intl. Symp. Graph Drawing, 21-24 Sep 2010, Konstanz, Germany

XML Links
XML - home of the Extensible Markup Language at the World Wide Web Consortium.


The GraphML project was initiated by the Graph Drawing Steering Committee prior to Graph Drawing 2000 in Williamsburg. A workshop on file formats was held on the eve of the symposium, and it was agreed on to form a group which would define a new XML-based file format which is to eventually form a standard for the graph drawing community and its cooperators.

One of the main predecessors for GraphML is GML. GML was the outcome of an initiative that started at Graph Drawing 1995 in Passau and ended at Graph Drawing 1996 in Berkeley. GML was (and still is) the primary file format for Graphlet, and is also supported by several other graph drawing systems.

GraphML Project Group

GraphML is designed by many people in many different places. With contributions from many others, current activities are coordinated by

  • Ulrik Brandes (University of Konstanz)
  • Markus Eiglsperger
  • Michael Kaufmann (University of Tübingen)
  • Jürgen Lerner (University of Konstanz)
  • Christian Pich (University of Konstanz)

The GraphML advisory board consists of

  • Ivan Herman (CWI)
  • Stephen North (AT&T Research)
  • Roberto Tamassia (Brown University)

Prior to the structural layer proposal, the following additional persons were actively involved or subscribed to a semi-open GraphML discussion list:

  • Michael Himsolt (DaimlerChrysler)
  • M. Scott Marshall (then CWI)
  • Vladimir Batagelj (University of Ljubljana)
  • Anne-Lise Gros (LIRMM)
  • Carsten Gutwenger (Caesar)
  • David Jensen (University of Massachusetts)
  • Serban Jora (AT&T Research)
  • Sascha Meinert (University of Tübingen)
  • Guy Melancon (LIRMM)
  • Petra Mutzel (Technical University of Vienna)
  • Maurizio Patrignani (University of Rome III)
  • Tim Pattison (DSTO)
  • Matthew Phillips (DSTO)
  • John Punin (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  • Susan Sim (University of Toronto)
  • Adrian Vasiliu (Ilog)
  • Vance Waddle (IBM Research)
  • Andreas Winter (University of Koblenz)

A public discussion list is to open soon.

About the GraphML Website

The GraphML website has been redesigned and relaunched on June 22, 2002. Pages are now generated using the Apache Software Foundation's XML publishing framework Cocoon. We thank Jonas Ritter (University of Konstanz) for his support.

05 April 2007
Licensing status clarified: GraphML is free for everyone.
22 February 2007
GraphML 1.0 schema inclusion altered to avoid problems with some parsers.
03 August 2004
LEDA extension package for GraphML (release candidate).
Download graphml_lep.zip
01 June 2004
GraphML Primer released.
18 March 2003
XML Schema specification and documentation available for GraphML 1.0rc (release candidate)
23 July 2002
GraphML presentation at the annual meeting of DFG Research Priority 1126 Algorithmic Aspects of Large and Complex Networks. (ps, pdf)
28 June 2002
yFiles extension package for GraphML version 1.0 released.
22 May 2002
Release candidates for extensions graphml-attributes (for data attributes) and graphml-parseinfo (for lightweight parsers) completed. See current specification.
12 March 2002
GraphML proposed as the standard format for the network data archive to be created within EU FET Open Project COSIN.

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