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GXL - an XML-based graph exchange format developed for software re-engineering.

GraphXML - XML-based file format for graphs that was presented at Graph Drawing 2000 and is superseded by GraphML.

GML - a widely used graph exchange format (non-XML).

XGMML - an XML-based file format for graphs based on GML.

SVG - an XML-based graphics format.

Graph Drawing Links - home of graph drawing

GD 2004 - 12th Int. Symp. Graph Drawing, 12-14 Sep 2004, Harlem, NYC

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XML - home of the Extensible Markup Language at the World Wide Web Consortium.

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Element: key

Description: In GraphML there may be data-functions attached to graphs, nodes, ports, edges, hyperedges and endpoint and to the whole collection of graphs described by the content of <graphml>. These functions are declared by <key> elements (children of <graphml>) and defined by <data> elements. Occurence: <graphml>.

Type: key.type

Complex type for the <key> element.  Type is final.


id  (required)  of type xs:NMTOKEN  identifies this <key>.
Identity Constraint Definitions: key_id_key

for  (optional)  of type key.for.type  describes the domain of definition for the corresponding graph attribute.



desc?, default?

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coming soon
LEDA extension package for GraphML.
18 March 2003
XML Schema specification and documentation available for GraphML 1.0rc (release candidate)
23 July 2002
GraphML presentation at the annual meeting of DFG Research Priority 1126 Algorithmic Aspects of Large and Complex Networks. (ps, pdf)
28 June 2002
yFiles extension package for GraphML version 1.0 released.
22 May 2002
Release candidates for extensions graphml-attributes (for data attributes) and graphml-parseinfo (for lightweight parsers) completed. See current specification.
12 March 2002
GraphML proposed as the standard format for the network data archive to be created within EU FET Open Project COSIN.